Citizenship and Civic Engagement: Share your views

This is an opportunity to share your views about what being an active citizen me...

Freedom City 2017: Shahidul Alam: Kalpana’s Warriors

An event included in the Freedom City 2017 programme.

Freedom City 2017: Exhibition: Martin Luther King's Visit

An event included in the Freedom City 2017 programme.

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  • 06/10/2017 (cut off 01/12/2017) - 8 weeks
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Culture & Society


Why are more women working into their 70s?

Following the recent BBC article stating that the proportion of women working into their 70s in the UK has doubled in the last four years, we would like to ask our members:

Do you think this is due to financial necessity or a motivation to stay active? 


What to call the time of life between work and old age?

To get the most out of longer lives, a new age category is needed. WHAT do you call someone who is over 65 but not yet elderly? T...

Meet a Member - Steve Wilkinson

Your chance to meet one of our members, Steve Wilkinson! Hear about what Steve enjoys most about being a member of Voice North an...

  • 13/07/2017
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'Always grasp the opportunity': confronting ageism creatively

Eileen Kramer is reinventing ageing. The 102-year-old dancer and artist is working on a new ballet and plans to perform it in Nove...