Sharing examples of ageing stereotypes

This is an opportunity to contribute your views about ageing stereotypes.

  • Thursday 7th December 2017 16:00 (1 hour)
  • Discussion
  • Influence


This is an invitation to share examples of ageing stereotypes and ageist language, visual imagery or assumptions that you have come across recently using a web platform called Padlet.

The content of the Padlet board will be analysed and a summary will be shared on the Voice North website. Voice North members will be invited to join an online discussion to consider these findings.

The findings and examples posted by members will be drawn upon by the National Innovation Centre for Ageing at Newcastle University to shape course materials designed to support industry partners who wish to understand older people as consumers.

Volunteer Criteria

Any member of Voice North can take part.

What will I be asked to do?

Using a web platform called Padlet, we have created a few topics that we would like your perspective on, such as ageist language, assumptions, or visual images you have come across.

We would also like you to share any examples of products and services you think are ageist in their design, and good and bad examples of advertising to older people. We would like you to share anything that is meaningful to you – such as examples of websites, documents, photos, video links or audio files.

You can contribute to the Padlet board as many times as you like. It can be accessed here.

The Padlet board allows you to share your examples with us and with other contributors. Please be aware that due to the nature of the topic, postings from other contributors may cause offence.

How to share your examples of ageing stereotypes

It would be useful to have stored anything you wish to add onto the board in a suitable location on your PC, phone or made a note of the web link in advance.

One you have clicked on the link you will see instructions on the left column of the board.

  1. Click the 'add' button underneath the column you wish to add something to.
  2. This will open up a white box. You may wish to write something to describe your post before you add any attachment.
  3. At the bottom of your post, there are five icons, by clicking on any of these, an instruction box will appear to the right of the screen. You can either copy and paste a link from the web, or choose a file from your PC or phone.
  4. By double clicking on your post, you can add extra details about your post, such as its origin, and your opinion.

When & where?

This is an online opportunity and you can contribute at anytime up until 7th December 2017.


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