Welcome to our Groups, which aim to provide opportunities for Voice North members to connect with each other, contribute their views and join a special interest group. 

Each group includes a description about what it aims to do and information about how to join.  The groups contain information and resources, which we hope will be of interest to you. 

Within each group there is an area for a closed discussion to take place. This means that only members who have joined a group can participate by posting and reading comments.

The discussions within a group are not moderated, which means there will not be an expert available to stimulate the discussion unless otherwise stated.  We encourage Voice North members to lead and foster the discussions, whilst respecting our terms and conditions.  

We want to ensure that our Voice North groups are welcoming and supportive. If you are completely new to taking part in an online discussion we have created some tips and information to help you contribute.  

If you have further questions please see our frequently asked questions or contact the Voice North office:

Email: voicenorth@newcastle.ac.uk 
Tel: 0191 208 1288.

Please note that our discussions are monitored by the Voice North office from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Dementia Innovation Group

This Dementia Group is a platform for anyone wishing to learn and share ideas about what works and what needs to change to enable people living with dementia to live well.

Patient & Public Involvement Peer to Peer Support Forum

Supporting each other This Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Peer to Peer Forum provides a (virtual) space where people who are involved, or interested in becoming involved, in research can meet, engage in discussi...

Voice North Research Support Group 2016-2017

A group of research active Voice North members who meet once a month with researchers to provide feedback on projects from a public perspective. We have already recruited for 2016-2017, therefore this group is only avai...