Welcome to the Voice North Community Forum, which aims to provide opportunities for Voice North members across the UK, to interact with each other and participate in online discussions.

All of our discussions are moderated, which means that they will have an expert to help guide and stimulate the discussion during certain times.  Our discussions will cover a range of interesting topics, from Health to Transport, and we encourage you to share your views and join the conversation, whilst respecting our terms and conditions.

We want to ensure that the Voice North Community forum is welcoming and supportive. If you are completely new to taking part in an online discussion we have created some tips and information to help you contribute.  

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How to get started 

  • To post a comment on a discussion you first need to make sure that you are logged in and are a member of Voice North.
  • Ensure that you have read our terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions are designed to balance freedom of speech whilst maintaining a productive and disciplined attitude to discussion. They are not designed to prevent you from having your say.

Tips for taking part in a discussion 

  • Stay on topic – try to focus on the original topic of the discussion
  • Please try not to use abbreviations or ‘text speak’ – it can be difficult to read and some people might not understand you. This may cause a member to take unintentional offence, or feel excluded from the discussion.